About Us

The Conn’s

We are Tableau enthusiast who are looking to share our knowledge and work with the world and the data community.

We are from a small town in South Florida named Fort Pierce. A small laid back town with great ambiance and awesome beaches for anybody who’s passionate about the ocean! We are married and share a big ball of fur named Pirate Lady, who’s The Data Surfers official puppy!

Our love for adventures and travel brought us together many years ago; and today, our love for data and data visualizations have brought us together to make this idea come to life! We wanted to create this blog to be able to give back to the community that helped us so much in our Tableau journey.

Meet The Conn’s!

Data People Circle

Christopher Conn, MBA

Chris was born and raised in Fort Pierce, FL. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Organizational Management from Indian River State College and has a Master’s in Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. Chris is fluent in English and has intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language. Chris is an avid surfer and nature lover. He loves to surf, scuba dive, camp, and being outdoors. When he is not at the beach or outside, you can find him at home vizzin’ away on any random data set he can get his hands into. Chris is also an aviation lover, having built an experimental aircraft from scratch who happens to have passed all FAA regulations!!

Fiorella Conn, MBA

Fiorella was born in Peru and (was) raised in Peru, Chile and the United States. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in International Business & Trade and Marketing from Florida Atlantic University and has a Master’s in Business Administration from the same university. Fiorella is fluent in Spanish and English and has intermediate knowledge of the German language. Fiorella loves to surf, snorkel, camp and being outdoors. When she’s not at the beach with her husband you will find her at home tending the garden, learning about photography, and sketching/designing new visualizations.

Pirate Lady Conn

Pirate is The DaPirate circle smallta Surfers official pup! Pirate is an avid lizard hunter and swimmer; no lizard can escape her playfulness. She loves to get brushed every weekday afternoon when Chris and Fio (AKA. Dad and Mom) are listening to the Love Doctors after work. She loves to take walks and jump in the pool whenever she can, but her true obsession is the beach. Pirate loves to wake up at the crack of dawn every Sunday to go to her favorite beach. If you ever catch Pirate at the beach you will see her body surf the small waves but make sure dad is always around and not surfing, if not she will go after him!