The Data Surfers!

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After much anticipation and wait. We are very proud to introduce you to our Blog – The Data Surfers.

We are Chris and Fiorella Conn. We are married and share a beautiful ball of fur named Pirate Lady. We love surfing and being outdoors, we think it’s very fair to say that if you can’t find us at home, you will most likely find us somewhere on the beaches of North Fort Pierce surfing and having fun with our family. To avoid making the list too big, we love everything that is related to the ocean, and when we are not there we are creating visualizations, tending to our garden, and playing around on our back porch with the pups.

Fun Fact: Monday through Fridays after work you will always find us on the front porch listening to the Love Doctors with the pups running around and getting brushed!

We live in a small area in South Florida called the Treasure Coast. The Treasure Coast is comprised of Indian River, Saint Lucie and Martin counties; it is called the Treasure Coast because it is believed that there are an about of 11 ship wrecks on our ocean floor. These ships belonged to the 1715 Treasure Fleet from Spain – whose ships were carrying gold and other treasures from Cuba to Spain – 11 ships out 12 got lost at sea in a 1715 hurricane and it is believed that all of them along with their treasures sunk off the coast of Vero Beach.

The Data Surfers was born from a simple idea; first, we love surfing and data, so it was a perfect name for us! And the most important reason, we wanted to give back to the community that helped us so much on our Tableau journey by sharing our knowledge and work with the world. This journey has been very fulfilling, little by little we started growing a passion for Data Visualizations that soon ended on trying to visualize everything we see. We started seeing data everywhere!!

Every time we would go somewhere, we would think about different ways to get our hands on specific data sets to create a visualization. For example, a couple of days ago we were at Target buying a few LEGO sets and thought it would be pretty cool to create a LEGO visualization to show all the different models and categories LEGO have come up with over time. We love visualizing “fun topics,” especially the ones that capture our interest, but at the same time, we also wanted to get into those topics that cause friction in our society. We found that by expanding our topic preference, we could make a difference in the world through data visualizations, to bring awareness to critical issues affecting our society and our planet.

We hope that this blog helps you further your Tableau and Data Visualization knowledge, we are very excited to show you the awesome posts we have in store for you!

Surf On and Keep Vizzin’!

The Data Surfers.

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